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Simplify end-to-end campaign delivery, and transform  countries’ health infrastructure

It's possible.

Health Campaign Management

A digital partner for
frontline workers

  • Easy to use mobile app with user flows and analytics
  • Simplifies routine tasks with built-in checks for error reduction
  • One click on-call assistance
  • Works offline and data syncs when connected to internet

    Complaints help- desk

    DIGIT HCM has a complaints help desk that helps resolve issues in real time. Complaints can be submitted via a phone call or via the app. It also has capabilities to accept complaints via WhatsApp. This can be set-up as a centralised help desk or distributed based on geographic boundaries. 


    An end-to-end, flexible, open, interoperable, and reusable platform to manage public health campaigns for all diseases.

    DIGIT HCM, co-created with partners, transformed how Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) campaigns are run

    DIGIT Demo

    Mozambique witnessed the go-live of DIGIT HCM (locally called Salama) in 2023; becoming the pioneer of setting up Digital Public Infrastructure for health campaigns.

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