Reimagining social benefit delivery in Odisha

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For Community

Ease of managing community projects

MUKTASoft enables Self Help Groups to manage community projects with ease and speed, and enables more efficient payments to the daily wage workforce.

Register wage seekers online

Easy and effective visualization of village committees through dashboards

Approve work orders

For ULB employees

Ease of kickstarting new projects

Visibility of multiple project’s progress to ensure on-time completion and budget adherence.

Create Work Orders

Register self-help groups

For Engineers

Ease of managing project

Create Projects

Prepare Estimates

View Work Orders

For Administrators

Ease of monitoring all projects

Dashboard view

Visibility on funds and expenditure

A case of reimagining payments and social benefit delivery in Odisha

Odisha reimagined payments for its daily wage laborers with MUKTASoft by reducing payment cycles from 6 months to 6 days. Launched under the Urban Wage Employment Initiative in response to COVID-19, MUKTASoft streamlines payments through Smart Contracts, empowering local organizations, and reducing administrative burdens. Additionally, MUKTA empowered local organizations like Mission Shakti Groups and promoted grassroots leadership.



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