Apply and receive Fire-NOC approvals in record time.

It's possible.

trade licenses issued

cities in India using them


growth in licenses issued

For the Citizens

Easy Application 

 DIGIT – Fire NOC enables citizens to seek no objections to fire for construction of a building, or to conduct an event from any Urban Local Body/Fire department with a speedy, hassle-free and user-friendly procedure, online.

Online fee payment

Get exact calculations and hassle-free payment

Maintain audit log

Extract system logs to excel /PDF formats for internal analysis of cases

For the Urban Local Bodies

Easy Approval Management

DIGIT-Fire NOC enables local government to bring in transparency, accountability and time-bound service for the public.

Manage Approval

 Verify and generate NOC online. Validate the application with approval flows that include document scrutiny, field inspection and NOC approval

Generate notices and certificates

Generate notices, acknowledgement letters, approval letters and rejection letters by the system. Download certificate with QR codes. 

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