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Our Vision

Provide equitable, accessible and transparent public services to all of humanity


Achieving Sustainable Developmental Goals require governments, private sector, and civil societies to work in tandem to ensure that scarce resources and capacities are augmented and used efficiently. This require mechanisms for smooth collaboration both within and across sectors, building on a shared and objective understanding of the context and the challenges that we are trying to address.

DIGIT is hence built as an open source platform with foundational capabilities and applications that enable governments to deliver services to their citizens, coordinate across departments, and collaborate with market as well as civil society actors to innovate and address new and emerging needs.

Our Ecosystem

Civil Society

Working with civil society organizations to explore how citizen service access can be effective with all their needs incorporated in the platform design and program frameworks.


Supporting with programme design, creating enabling policy and process changes, and building the capacity of implementation partners to drive adoption efforts and programmes sustainability.


Market players can bring in the capacity to implement by playing a convening role in creating a vibrant ecosystem of System Integrators, technology & product advisory and solution design

Our Story

Started as a unit to transform digital governance of the local government, eGov with the help of the DIGIT platform has come a long way in the last 20 years serving multiple countries and scaling impact across the world.

What They're Saying

DIVOC is elastic in nature, agile, responsive, modular as well as configurable. Its eamless integration with DHIS2 and its ability to issue natively digital certificates has transformed our program, eliminating paperwork and saving time and resources.

Dasun Hegoda

Director & Software Architect, Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA)

Digitisation of Andhra Pradesh state in India through eGov’s DIGIT platform has really benefited govt employees by saving almost 19 hrs of their time every week. Previously, citizens had to make numerous trips to access municipal services. Today the local govt. bodies are actively delivering services to the citizens.

Sri K Kannababu IAS

(Centre) DMA, Andhra Pradesh

eGov’s experience in urban governance has enabled them to design a platform to specifically cater to the growing needs of local governments to adopt technology easily. Principles of reusability, scalability, extensibility etc. all allow governments to easily keep up with their technology needs for India. We have been one of the early partners of eGov in adopting the open source platform - DIGIT.

Rakesh Kaul

Partner, PWC

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