Enabling fiscal sustainability in rural local bodies.

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For Government employees

Easy to manage collections

Easy to track consumer-wise collections and payments through a simple mobile app, saving time and paper.

Add consumers (or households)

Generate bill and receipt acknowledgments

Search connection for billing generation, receipt/bill download

Manage expenditures with a consolidated dashboard

Payment collection and receipt generation

Mockup of a ULB mCollect interface

For Administrators

Easy to monitor

Improved visibility that enables targeted interventions for better macro planning and fund management. Improved accountability, and public service delivery.

Easy and transparent handover of records from one to another Sarpanch

Easy and effective visualization of village committees through dashboards

Real time update on cash position for GPWSCs

mGramSeva eases citizen access to safe drinking water in rural Punjab

In Punjab, mGramSeva is being used by rural local bodies/ revenue collectors of Gram Panchayat Water Supply Committees (GPWSCs) to manage revenue and expenditures related to water supply projects. This has led to increased visibility for the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS), which is responsible for ensuring that the water supply schemes are run sustainably by GPWSCs.



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