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Faecal Sludge Management

Managing waste value chain

It's possible.

Main module of FSM interface

million litres of Septage safely disposed

ULBs served

Citizens served

Easy Setup

One-Stop for availing services for Citizens

DIGIT-Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) is an easy-to-use product to avail desludging services

Raise Requests

Raise tickets for availing desludging services without any hassles

Track Service in Real-Time

Keep track of the service and get notifications of the latest status on your phone

Improve Community Hygiene

Contribute to a healthier neighbourhood by improving its waste management.

Easy Setup

One-Stop for waste management for
Urban Local Bodies

DIGIT-Faecal Sludge Management(FSM) enables municipal employees to manage the entire value chain of waste management, all from one place.

Single back-end registry

Manage all incoming requests with a single back-end registry.

Remote tracking of value chain

Track the stakeholders of the value chain in real-time to ensure safe dumping of collected waste.

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