Simplifying trade certification and ensuring compliance

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trade licenses issued

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For the Citizens

Ease of Doing Business

With DIGIT-TL traders can obtain the trade certificate in a simplified manner and ensure compliance with rules and safety guidelines.

Easy Access

Access information through the mobile, website or download through text messages and emails, online or offline

Easing tracking

Track and manage regulatory processes; streamline and automate business licensing processes in a shorter time span.

Data-driven decision making

Get valuable information on the economic activity and employment opportunities in your city.

For the Urban Local Bodies

Ease of Enabling Business

DIGIT-Trade License (TL) enables the local government to regulate the trade and protect the interest of the public at large against the health hazard and inconvenience that a business may cause.

Easy processing

Create applications, renew licenses, manage payments, issue certificates all from one place.

Easy management

Store and organise City Boundary Data, Trade Categories, Trade Structure Types, Ownership Categories and Fee Matrix.

Track Progress

Local insights on selected KPIs, Payment KPIs and Collection Trends available on analytical dashboards

Mockup of a Trade License portal for a ULB employee

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