Building DPIs now made easy with DIGIT’s open source platform

Built using platform principles, DIGIT allows for seamless sharing of data and interoperability through well-defined building blocks. These building blocks can be configured to create products to deliver public services and experiences across different contexts.


Improve ease of integration, accelerate sharing of  information, enhance visibility and reduce cost of coordination


Minimal functionality that is highly configurable, extensible for reuse in varied context and reduce cost


Cost-effective scalability of system as well as operations


Break down into smaller pieces that can be reused, scaled and evolved independently

Open & Standards Driven

Prevent vendor lock in and inability to extract, extend and integrate in a cost effective manner

Secure & Reliable

Design to create fine balance between data enablement and security & privacy

Ease of use

Ensure ease of deployment, development and operations keepng in mind state capacity


Inclusive ensures design is channel agnostic, enables multi-modal interaction and build in support for multi-language etc.


Built to bring to you a single-source of truth


Our registries are a shared foundational layer that can be utilized by any Govt or private entity with consent for execution of a digital initiative helping accelerate development cycles, and promoting the principles of open collaboration and knowledge sharing. Shared data registries and data exchange make it easier for sharing data which increases overall trust in the ecosystem.

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Microservices Architecture (Building Blocks)

DIGIT has a a comprehensive suite of citizen, employee and vendor reusable building blocks with well-defined specs, documentation, guides, and training materials making it possible to build products for different programs as fast as possible.

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Open APIs

DIGIT’s Open APIs expose well-defined endpoints that allow developers to access specific functionalities or data securely and efficiently. It promotes interoperability among various government systems, fostering data sharing and integration that can lead to more comprehensive and cohesive citizen service offerings.

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