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Enable governments to continuously improve their financial health, and ensure a functioning and responsive service delivery system. We are working to identify and solve problems of public financial management – such as delays in the flow of funds, substantial float of unutilized funds, the problem of low data fidelity, and administrative burden of implementation – by using the platform approach and associated policy reforms.

DIGIT PFM Product Suite

Enabling seamless coordination and efficiency in public infrastructure projects

Public works in India encompass a range of infrastructure projects spanning transportation, water supply, energy, housing, and urban development. They aim to enhance connectivity, living standards, and economic growth. The challenge of inefficient capital investment management in civil works, driven by offline systems within executing agencies, underscores the necessity for a unified platform like DIGIT Works. This platform aims to streamline data exchange between works and finance systems, ensuring efficiency and transparency while facilitating end-to-end project lifecycle tracking.

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Real-time decisions

Real-time exchange of fiscal information

As government service delivery requires multiple actors and interactions to come together across different levels, visibility of information is critical to bring down the cost of coordination. This includes real-time information on the financial health of a government agency/department- expenditure, revenue and availability of funds. DIGIT iFIX platform streamlines the complex movement of fiscal data exchange among connected systems. It enhances financial planning efficiency across governance levels by providing real-time information for a seamless deployment of public funds. iFIX complements existing finance systems as a coordination and visibility layer. The iFIX-enabled systems facilitate improved revenue mobilization and expenditure management for enhanced governance.



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“The entire workflow, spanning from project selection to the issuance of work orders, involves a meticulous process. It includes the preparation and approval of project DPR, creation of the muster roll, generation of the running bill, preparation of the final bill, and the subsequent processing and release of payments to community partners—the beneficiaries. Leveraging a technology platform streamlines this process, greatly simplifying implementation, and offering enhanced visibility and monitoring capabilities.

G Mathi Vathanan

Principal Secretary, Housing and Urban Development Department, Odisha

“I never thought I will be using an app, and will be able to use technology at this age so seamlessly. Earlier, I had to carry a huge ledger book to enter collections that were done by visiting door-to-door. Now, this ledger book has been replaced by the mGramSeva app.“

Sukhdev Singh

Pump Operator cum Revenue Collector, Punjab

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