Transforming Water Supply Management in Punjab : DIGIT Empowers Rural Local Bodies with mGramSeva App

Jul 25, 2023 | DIGIT Updates

eGov is supporting the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS) in building department capacity on #mGramSeva app, through continuous engagement with stakeholders across the state. mGramSeva application (mGS) enables rural local bodies to manage revenue and expenditures related to water supply projects using a mobile app. It was piloted in Sri Anandpur Sahib Division (APS) where 83 out of 84 villages now use mGS to add consumers, generate bills and issue receipt acknowledgements. Building state capacity is a crucial aspect of successful digital transformation initiatives. Ensuring that relevant stakeholders and users are adequately trained and equipped to utilise digital public goods effectively will help governments own and manage their digital transformation journey.

The eGov team recently held three zone-based meetings where participants from 49 divisions attended to review the progress of the statewide rollout of mGramSeva, as part of our engagement with DWSS. The eGov team conducted sessions on the application to help users in creating consumers on the system, generate bills and fixing tariffs. With the experience we obtained from the pilot deployment in Sri Anandpur Sahib, some suggestions for accelerating consumer entry and bill generation at the village level was discussed.

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