Introducing the revamped

Oct 27, 2023 | Articles, DIGIT Updates

Dear Partners and Community members, 

We have been working behind the scenes to revamp on Gitbook. Presenting the key highlights below on these changes!

Navigation – The revamped navigation allows easy access to nested information across our platform spaces for Health, Public FinanceSanitation, Urban, and DIVOC. For example, you can find content like the Health APIs or the Public Finance configuration docs using the Specifications or Product navigation tabs.

Role-Specific – The redesigned site categorises content for specific users – be it product managers, developers, or programme managers.

Segments – Click on the specific tabs to access related information. Browse through the list of platform-specific documents within the Platform tab. Or, access our implementation-specific details within the Programme tab. Browse through the multiple product solutions built on the DIGIT platform in the Products and Solutions section.


Subscribe – Stay updated with the latest information on DIGIT documentation and upcoming events by subscribing here. To contribute to our platform code, click here.

Feedback – We continually work on our docs to make them more valuable for our partners. Your feedback means a lot to us to understand what’s working and what’s not. Click on the smiley icons at the bottom of each page on the docs sites, or share your thoughts directly through this feedback form.


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