DIGIT FSM platform update – V1.3.1

Nov 20, 2023 | DIGIT Updates

DIGIT FSM platform update : V1.3.1

As part of the release for DIGIT FSM v1.3.1, the platform has been updated with the following features and enhancements:

Category Description Details
Feature Urban-Rural Convergence
  • Expanding Service Coverage: 
      • Extending service coverage to specific Gram Panchayats and Villages associated with Urban Local Bodies, thus providing access to faecal sludge management services in rural areas.
  • Recording Incoming vehicles  from Gram Panchayats
  • URC-Specific Charts on Dashboard:
      • To enhance data visibility and decision-making, URC-specific charts should be integrated into the product’s dashboard. 
Enhancements Inter ULB Disposal tracking
  • Record incoming vehicles at the Treatment Plant where Sludge has been collected from adjoining ULBs.
Improved Error Messaging
  • Improved error messaging for incorrect mobile numbers entered while raising application
Improving verifiability of Disposal Timings
  • Automation of recording of the disposal timing by capturing information when a trip is submitted, eliminating the need for manual entry of start and end times.
Bug Fixes Dispose Update Failure
  • Addressing issues of ‘dispose update failure’ for trips at FSTP faced while updating number of trips.
Dashboard charts
  • Fixing calculation error in calculating capacity utilization of plants
  • Fixing date filter selection for a specific date

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