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Urban Services Monitoring : We have provided login credentials to the representatives of the 3000 slums. These representatives provide their feedback on daily basis to the municipal corporation. The feedback is regarding streetlight working conditions, water supply and garbage collection. If the feedback is negative, then a ticket is raised, and the designated employee is required to resolve the ticket in 24 hours. There is also an escalation mechanism provision under this service.

Booking of open space to store building material :
The module provides provision to book for space to store building material. The request can be submitted online and approval is provided by the concerned department/employee of the municipal corporation.

E-Horticulture :
This module provides the provision to the citizens to submit any kind of horticulture related requests online. Citizens can submit requests related to pruning / pollarding of trees, felling of trees and removal of dead and dangerous trees. This service is available free of cost to the citizens of Chandigarh.

Marriage Registration :
The Marriage registration Module allows the citizens to apply for a marriage registration certificate from any municipality remotely through the web application or mobile application. Below are the facilities provided under this module: 
  1. Apply for Marriage registration certificate 
  2. Receive prompt notifications and updates 
  3. Modify your Marriage Certificate if required

Pension :This module regulates pensions for the ex-employees of municipal corporation. This module is divided in four categories: 
  • Regular retirement pension
  • Death of the employee
  • Death of the pensioner
  • Voluntary retirement

Legal : This is an internal module for the employees of municipal corporation. Under this module, all the court cases are maintained in this module. Designated employees of different branches are given the credentials to enter case details and its proceedings thereafter. Case wise details, status, necessary notifications related to hearings, case history, etc. are captured in the module.

Apni Mandi :
There are designated areas for vegetable markets called "Apni-mandi". This module facilitates the employees of municipal corporation to provide the fee collection, receipts to the vegetable vendors on the spot for mandi registration.

Permission Management  :
Following four types of NOCs/permissions are provides under this modules:
  •  NOC to keep pet: This type of permission deals with the request for pet registration of citizens having pets. For online registration, applicant are required to submit an application with all the details of the pet, pet's immunization records and documents like: pet's picture, vaccination certificate and owner's id proof. Against this request, a unique token number is issued in the name of pet to its owner. This is a chargeable service.
  • NOC to sell meat: Using this service, applicant can apply for NOC to sell meat of different types in designated areas. This is a chargeable service.
  • Permission for advertisement: This module facilitates not only individuals but also Companies and Government organizations to apply/obtain permissions for advertisements. This module also covers any advertisement for social cause. The applicant is required to enter all the details of the advertisement along with the dates and area to be used. This is a chargeable service.
  • Permission for road cut: This module caters the requests related to road cut for various works of telecom companies, gas pipeline companies, government agencies or residential. Applicants are required to provide all the details like purpose of road cut, size of the area affected, method of road cut (under surface / trenchless), etc. Municipal corporation reviews and approves the request submitted online. Applicant can pay the fee online after approval of the application.
Estate :This module related to the properties of municipal corporation. It is for both citizens and employees. Citizens can apply for change in ownership, transfer of ownership, issuance of NOC for sale, gift, permission for mortgage, conversions of free hold to lease hold, duplicate allotment letter, etc.
Submission of the application, review by department, fee payment and issuance of permission letters are done online.

Booking of parks, community centers, commercial grounds, etc. : This module lets the citizen/applicant book parks, community parks, commercial grounds, apply for security refund, etc. Submission of application, availability status, payment of fees, etc. are done online.

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mCollect extension:
  1. Citizen centric challan generation: BEL extended employee centric challan generation with citizen centric challan generation. The features added to the module are: Citizens are facilitated with access to   the challans     generated by the ULB/CB and can do payment using online payment facility 
  2. Self-challan generation: BEL extended the facility of challan generation by citizen which was specific to CB employee. After logging into the system, citizens can select the required service from the list and generate the challan and make the payment through online payment facility. Employees are enabled with the facility of adding or deleting the list of services for citizens from the list applicable to employees.

Hall booking module :  The Community Hall Booking service provides a digital interface, facilitating citizen for online booking of community halls, track the applications, make the payment online and download the payment receipt. Citizen can cancel the application any time before payment or request to cancel after payment. Features: a. Different community halls can be added. b. Time slots for booking along with applicable rates for each such slot can be defined. c. Configurable discounts for various categories can be defined. d. Automatic refund on cancellation / completion of event. e. Facility to employees to block booking of individual halls for certain defined time period.

Water tanker booking : The Water Tanker Booking service provides a digital interface, facilitating citizen for online booking of Water Tankers, track the application, make the payment online and download the payment receipt. Citizen can cancel the application any time before payment or request to cancel after payment. 

Birth and Death certificate download :   Module provides a digital interface, allowing citizen to search and download the Birth and Death certificate. Also the correctness of the certificate can be verified by scanning the QR Code. Features: a. Employee can add/edit verified data using user interface. b. Tool for verification and bulk upload of legacy data through excel sheets c. Search and download of certificates for citizens. Authenticity of certificates verifiable using QR code.

GIS based Sewerage connection and billing module
: Sewerage Management System provides a digital interface, allowing citizen to apply for a Sewerage connection, select the required location on map and select preferred plumber, system computes the connection charges, citizen shall make the payment of connection charges upfront, download the provisional connection letter and payment receipt immediately after the submission of application, track the application, system also generates the water charges based on frequency of billing Monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly, specific to ULB/CB requirement and also based on specific billing parameters chosen by the ULB/CBs

Online OPD Registration : Online OPD registration is integrated with module developed by external agency on different platform. On Digit using API system display all relevant details through dashboard.

Lease renewal and extension : Lease renewal and extension module adopted different development model. In this module all citizen centric operations are made available on Digit platform, employee centric operations and also backend operations are part of module developed by other agency on different platform. Integration is the key aspect of this module. This module facilitates to apply for renewal/ extension by paying the charges computed automatically by the system, track the application, download the payment receipts.

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Scrutiny engine for building and planning permission : Scrutiny engine is a web based application and it is used to scrutinize the building parameters and planning parameters from drawings according to the rules and parameters configured. After scrutinizing, a report will be generated and it will be shared to the user for rectification if any violation. This scrutiny engine handles end-to-end process of drawing verification and there is no manual intervention. Few major features of our customized scrutiny engine are 

  1. It can be configured according to the building and planning rules of individual State/Urban local bodies 
  2. It is customized for Hill Area Rules also with different rules and parameters
  3. It can be integrated with any third party application easily and without any additional licenses
  4. It can be configured to scrutinize all types of building categories like high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, school buildings, Residential, Commercial etc.
  5. It can scrutinize highly complicated building drawings in few minutes (say 60+MB drawing file in less than 5 minutes)
  6. It is developed completely in open source stack and there is no need of any third party software license purchase
  7. Currently it is rolled out to the entire state of Tamil Nadu (more than 13,000 local bodies).

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Ni- Platform : Ni platform for Urban and Rural water & sewage management. This is under development and working with BWSSB under AMrut 2.